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Chery Automobile
 Since 2006 we have cooperated with Chery, and supplied them hundreds of the fasteners which mainly applied in engine, gearbox, chassis and wheel system. The representative fasteners we supplied are high temperature bolts, drag arm bolts, eccentric adjusting bolts, wheel nuts.  We are the core supplier of them since 2009 and won many honors from them.

Tangshan Aisin Gearbox
 Since 2000, we have supplied Tangshan Aisin Gear Box with various high strength fasteners. The representative is differential shaft bolts, input/output shaft bolts, oil plug. We are their excellent supplier of them and awarded tens of honors.

Dongfeng Chaochai Diesel
 We have supplied fasteners for Dongfeng Chaochai Diesel since 1992, total 25 years till now. Mainly supply them the fasteners with high strength, high precision and high temperature features, such as cylinder head bolts, exhaust pipe bolt, main bearing shaft bolt, flywheel bolts, connecting rod bolts, high temperature resistant bolts, total around several hundred types of fasteners. Our stable quality and quick reaction service is the key to win the client trust, for which we are awarded many honors from them.

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