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Challenge Marathod, Challenge Ourselves!


On April 16, 2017, total 52 Qiangzhen people participated the Wuhu County Half Marathon Race, which was the second time for us to arrange staff to participate the Marathon Race. This time, the number of the participants double than the first time, especially the number of the half Marathon increased from 4 colleagues to 12 .

Before the race, Mr Qihai Dai, the general manager, shared the knowledge and skills of Marathon race. Mr Dai vividly explained how to warm-up, adjust the breath, handle the cramp during the running. Meanwhile, he explained the spirit of the Marathon race, so that we can fully understand the meaning of attending the race.

In order to reach a good result, many colleagues made full use of their spare time to do exercise. Some of the colleagues said they didn’t have enough confidence to complete the race. But after a time of preparation, on the 16th April, they ran very well, none of them give up halfway, all completed the their race. Now most of the colleagues said, as long as you keep moving on, you will go beyond yourself.

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