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The Major of Wuhu City & Its Delegation Visited Qiangzhen


On 2nd June, it was a special day that Qiangzhen people would bear it in our mind as we will welcome the major of Wuhu &its delegation to investigate us as one of the representative of the invited relocated companies in the Anhui Xinwu Economic Development Zone. Qiangzhen rapid growth attracted their attention.

Approximately 10 am, a 20-member delegation arrived us, which showed their strong interest to us.

We warmly welcomed the visited guests. In the meeting room, Mr Ye briefly introduced the present status to the major so that they could know how we grow now. General manager, Mr Dai also showed our sincere welcoming their visits, and express we will do something different in the fastener industry.

The major confirmed our progress meanwhile expressed their wish, we could improve the automation and intelligence level in the production processes, and becomes one of the most typical companies in the Wuhu area.

Finally, the guests visited the lab center and cold heading workshop, after a short visit, they left us with a satisfied smile. We really hope, they could come again to see a better Qiangzhen.

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