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QSB Training


QSB  Training

On 14-16, June, we invited the experienced training teacher from GM to give us a QSB  training. The related managing teams about 40 people attended the training program.

The training content forces on the core section of QSB , that is 11 section to illustrate. The aim of the training is to establish a healthy quality management system which can cure itself. The system can meet the requirements of the major car makers like GM to their tier 1st suppliers. QSB system can help company to improve their management level, and turn the manage mode from passive to proactive, largely reduce the potential quality accidents and finally improve the satisfactory of clients.

It is worth mentioning that Mr. Li explained the materials simply so that  we could understand each point very easily. Participate in the training of management to the training were very satisfied with the results of the training and it would be very helpful to the construction of QSB system among our company.

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