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Interim Reports of the 5S Implementation &Its Commendation Conference


On June 22nd, btw 2-5 p.m, the interim reports of the 5S implementation and its commendation conference was hold in the meeting room on the third floor of our company. All the staff and the invited Team from Taiwan Jianfeng Training Group Mr Lin and his workmate attended the conference.

During the conference, Mr Tao, the 5S director-general gave a summary of the achievements we had made in the first stage, meanwhile expect that we could train a trained and qualified 5S team in the next stage.

The trainer Mr Lin confirmed the reports we have made, and hope we can understand the importance of the 5S in the enhancing of a company competitive, which reflects the comprehensive competitiveness of an enterprise. If we want to impress our clients, we must do a good job in the 5S.

The meeting ended with the final stage. i.e cheerful prizing giving for the advanced individuals and teams. Let us expect the convening of the next stage 5S Conference soon!

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