About Qiangzhen

In 1984, Qiangzhen was founded in Ruian, Zhejiang, which is well-known as the city of Automobiles & Motorcycles parts. At the earlier stage, we mainly produced non-standard fasteners for general industrial application. In 1992, we started cooperation with Dongfeng Chaochai Diesel, supplying them fasteners with high-strength, high temperature and high-precision that applied in diesel engine. This makes us transfer our business mode into direct supplier with auto parts and car makers. The key to win the client trust is continuous improving the quality and fast reaction to client demand.Till now,we are the tie one suppliers for more than 20 auto parts and car makers, Such as SAIC MOTOR, SHANGHAI GM, Chery Automobile, BYD AUTO, Great wall Motor, Geely Auto, GAC Motor, BAIC Motor, Tangshan Aisin, and won many awards from them, such as Chery Core Supplier, and Aisin Excellent Supplier. Read More

    1. Wheel Nuts The series products are mainly used in the connection area between wheel hub and tire, its function is to connect and fasten the tire and the hub. The type of fasteners is the key part in the vehicle chassis.
    1. Camber Adjusting Eccentric Bolts The series of bolts are widely used in wheel position adjusting area of a car chassis, which mainly used to connect and fasten the car frame and its trailing arm.
    1. Differential Bolts The series of the products are widely used in the work area of transmission box, and mainly used for connecting and fastening the differential case and the gear, which makes it as a key product of a transmission box.
    1. High Temperature Fasteners The series of products are widely used in the high-temperature working area of an engine, mainly used to connect and fasten intake or exhaust-manifold, turbocharger, etc.
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